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Welcome to Reiki Bloom


Welcome to Reiki Bloom



Reiki creates a cleansing process of the Chakras and aura of the patient.


It helps us to align with life force energy that can help us through challenging times when we feel we are too depleted to take on a situation. This life force goes by many names; Qi in China, Ki in Japan, and Prana in India. 

Science refers to it as a biofield energy. When your life energy is low you are more susceptible to illness, stress, and sleepless nights. Reiki energy is administered through the hands of the practitioner to the client. Reiki energy allows muscles to relax, and increases blood flow to treated areas, which then quickens the healing process.

Reiki can help us recognize and take charge of unwanted patterns and addictions.


Reiki is not a cure for patterns and addictions. It is also not a replacement for traditional treatment, but it is a complimentary alternative medicine that works wonders when used alongside other modalities. When the desire to change patterns in ones reality is there, Reiki helps to make the process less painful for the physical and emotional body. It helps to keep the body calm, energized and focused on the intention and goal at hand. 

Reiki also will help to remove the blocks from old traumas that may be keeping the client in this pattern of behavior or feeling. It is important to understand that three sessions are recommended for most deep clearings before truly noticing the shift in your personal life force energy and healing process. Experiencing a Reiki session is a huge demonstration of self-love and care. Your energy and body will always support you on your journey to loving yourself.

Reiki is always evolving by adding new healing modalities.


With my Reiki practice, I've grown a love and connection with Shamanic practice. This has shown me how to create and expand relationships with guides in the angel realm, and other healing realms. These connections help reveal insights and healing to past lives, the present, and to the future. 

Reiki has also guided me to clean and clear spaces. Any spaces that feel heavy, or lack of positive energy. This can be office space, shop space, home space, or any other space that has you feeling drained and uninspired. Home is meant to be a place of replenishment, grounding, and peace. When we are unable to go home to a space that is filled with this energy and protection, we then go off into the world with less life force energy than desired. I do training in how to clear spaces so you can begin to take control of any space you so desire. 


Amber Arrigotti, a skilled Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master and member of the ICRT The International Center for Reiki Training

I was personally trained by Senior ICRT member and trainer, Colleen Benelli. I have practiced with teachers such as Jan Eangles-Smith, the founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and author of  ‘Through The Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart.’ Some of my favorite books for beginning your own journey.

I have worked closely with the ATP Angelic Shamanism Practice founder, Stacie Codino.  

I long to serve those who came before me who believe in healing as a lifestyle, and those that will come after me that continue to bring it into mainstream.

Amber's Promise to You

As a practitioner, I strive to serve my community, friends, and family by devoting my life to the spreading and revealing of our most magnificent self and power. 

I am constantly opening myself up to new healing modalities. Reiki has always allowed for creative new ways to show itself and merge with other healing forms. If your are shy, or new to the idea of self-healing I know that the energy will come to present itself in a way that is specialized and perfect for only you. 

Where depression and addictions do not serve us, the guilt and shame we may hold can soon be lifted from us and let go of. Together we can expand to touch those we love and pass by, with full hearts and compassion for truth and growth. This is changing the world.




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